Growing Creativity

Growing Creativity is more than just a decision. It’s a commitment.

Commitment to your Talents, Abilities and Gifts. We all possess it, talents, abilities and gifts that is, but we are not all committed to growing it. I love the saying: whatever you feed grows”, and yes, you may feed by choice but you grow through consistency.

This is what my creative journey has been and continues to be about: growing my creativity. I do realize however that the process can sometimes be quite sloooooow, but that doesn’t matter. Progress remains progress!

Apart from personal commitment, learning more about, and discovering my own TAGs, I am also very inspired by the TAGs of others. Here is one example.

[please see link at the end of this post for the cover-page tutorial by Gabrielle Pollacco]

I loved this process of learning and of course seeing the end result unfold.

The hanger was a little difficult to fold but again, persistence and a little patience is key.

made my own little wire hanger 🙂

and of course these pages are simply not enough. I make a few tea-stained pages with every cup of tea I have…:-) so i will be adding alot more pages to the journal as time goes by.

I found the picture on this tag on pinterest a while back and have since obtained permission from the lovely Peggy at to use it.

I am so glad i decided to stretch myself a little…:-)

and I am thankful for Gabrielle Pollacco’s tutorial on how to make this cover page:

Much love & blessings

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