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    3 Most Important Ways to LOVE

    Today I shall attempt to share with you the 3 MOST IMPORTANT WAYS WE LOVE as a family. Our family is no different to most other families. We have struggles, deal with failure, must make choices, become frustrated, etc – the list can go on and on… and on. Conflict in our family doesn’t always end well either, and sometimes we have to literally sit an argument or disagreement out until the atmosphere in our home change [the rule is within 24 hours]. I am a visual learner. When I read anything I visualize the practical, the “how-to’s”of the gist for the information. So when God tells me, through His…

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    Beautiful Olive Oil

    I have been using this oil for a long time, yet only recently discovered some more of the beautiful richness Olive Oil possess! Olive Oil as a Moisturizer I especially find the moisturizing character of olive oil intriguing. The properties of this oil do not clog your pores as many moisturizers you find on store shelves may. Penetrating deep into the layers of your skin, the oil provides protection from free radicals while cleansing the skin cells. The combination of vitamin A and vitamin E in olive oil repairs cells from harmful environmental factors. [paraphrased from doctorshealthpress.com ] There are many wonderful facts you can read about olive oil. The above mentioned…

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    When Seasons Change

    Seasons CHANGE, and that’s okay It’s okay when you feel like there are so many things overwhelming your heart. It’s okay when you feel like you just can’t figure it all out, and like it’s just not coming together in the way you thought it would. It’s okay to sometimes get it wrong, and to sometimes get God wrong. It’s okay when you realize you missed an opportunity to be the better you. It’s okay when relationships change, and people don’t feel the same way about you. It’s okay when you try, but fail, and when you don’t know how to handle fear… It’s okay when feelings of inadequacy rush in…


    Day 4 of My Personal Growth Plan

    Day 4 of four: I do what flows from the need in my heart. I don’t follow a “quiet-time-pattern” or “quiet-time-routine” the same way every day. But I do loooove to SOAK when it comes to Bible Study.   The SOAK BIBLE STUDY METHOD is a guide to engage ALL that I am in the growth process to become all that my Heavenly Father created me to be. It helps me challenge areas of my life I sometimes overlook and perhaps even forget to submit to HIS plans. My SOAK-Method is slightly different [or modified] to the ones I saw on Instagram. I wanted to use it more for my…

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    Day 3 of My Personal Growth Plan

    DAY 3: WHERE DID I START & WHAT IS MY MAIN GOAL? Planning personal growth can sometimes be very overwhelming. For me it really all started with the choice “WHY”.  I establish my “why” by writing it out of course. This gave me direction and purpose as to where to start. Why live less if you can live more, right? Now, there are many ways to set up a growth plan. The method I created for myself speaks to the way I process for the sake of progress. My hearts’ desire and goal is to encounter God in my everyday routine, however frequently that may change. My pursuit is ENCOUNTERS…


    DAY 2 of My Personal Growth Plan

    DAY 2: WHAT IS MY PERSONAL GROWTH PLAN ABOUT?   I have learnt that one thing simply just always leads to another. I started the year with the resolve that I was going to challenge myself with a sincerely good and strong effort to grow. And so the journey began… I laid my plans before my Heavenly Father and sought His counsel as to how I should go about doing things. Well needless to say, HE IS ABSOLUTELY FAITHFUL! I invited a few friends to join me in this beautiful adventure of discovering who we are in Christ and more importantly, WHO HE IS IN US! In God’s Grace I…

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    A Personal Growth Plan

    What is a Personal Growth plan And what is my personal growth plan all about? There are 3 important things I have learnt about a personal growth plan and ONE of those I would like to share in this post: When I decided to develop my very own personal growth plan, I started out thinking that it’s ALL in the doing. Oh, was I wrong. So the first thing I learnt is that a Personal Growth Plan is NOT about setting goals ONLY… Making that realization has set me on this journey of discovering & developing BLOSSOMING FAITH™ This is day one of 4, introducing just a few thoughts around my Personal…

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