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    3 Most Important Ways to LOVE

    Today I shall attempt to share with you the 3 MOST IMPORTANT WAYS WE LOVE as a family. Our family is no different to most other families. We have struggles, deal with failure, must make choices, become frustrated, etc – the list can go on and on… and on. Conflict in our family doesn’t always end well either, and sometimes we have to literally sit an argument or disagreement out until the atmosphere in our home change [the rule is within 24 hours]. I am a visual learner. When I read anything I visualize the practical, the “how-to’s”of the gist for the information. So when God tells me, through His…

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    The TRUTH about Valentine’s Day

    Spending time, making Valentines Day cards, got me thinking a lot about why so many people look for romantic cards almost only. Did you know that Valentine’s Day is not JUST a Romantic Celebration?… I decided to take a “quick” closer look at the history of this wonderful day that’s filled with so much bliss and happiness for some and yet, pain and loneliness for others, and this is what I found… Valentine’s Day [to me] is about celebrating the healing power of love! I invite you to ponder this thought: The world is in so much need of love, and yet within every one of us lies the power…

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    When Seasons Change

    Seasons CHANGE, and that’s okay It’s okay when you feel like there are so many things overwhelming your heart. It’s okay when you feel like you just can’t figure it all out, and like it’s just not coming together in the way you thought it would. It’s okay to sometimes get it wrong, and to sometimes get God wrong. It’s okay when you realize you missed an opportunity to be the better you. It’s okay when relationships change, and people don’t feel the same way about you. It’s okay when you try, but fail, and when you don’t know how to handle fear… It’s okay when feelings of inadequacy rush in…

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