Blossoming Faith® Life Challenge

I like setting goals and new challenges for myself for personal growth sake.

Last month I decided to put together what I call a “life-challenge” and invited a few of my Facebook “blossoms” to join me. Together we journeyed through this month with great anticipation for beautiful encounters with the Lover of our souls.

Blossoming Faith is about entering a brand-new season as you live out your journey in Jesus Christ. It’s about allowing your faith to have its full bloom as you discover that there is always more in Christ, and it’s about letting go of what you don’t know.

Life can be challenging on so many levels and often brings us to a point of seeing ourselves in a different way. The Blossoming Faith LIFE-CHALLENGE is so much more than just discovering who you are. It’s about discovering who you are IN CHRIST and WHO HE IS in YOU.

I’m not an expert on faith issues, I am just a happy handmade and thankful that God can use my life in some small way to bring inspiration and hope to someone else’s life.

Love and Blessings

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