Welcome to our 28-DAY LOVE-DARE Challenge


Songs of songs are filled with so much emotion, passion, and mystery. I’m a hopeless romantic…can you tell? The writings of this book extends many invitations, hence this 28 day love dare 🙂

God is always inviting us into deeper encounters with Him and this month is ideal to give attention to the longings of His heart for us.

This Challenge  is a celebration of love as you discover and uncover the many mysteries of His love expressed in pages this book… one verse at a time.

I pray that, as you join in, you may encounter the powerful passions of His love for you. May it awaken within you the unexpressed longing for a deeper, more meaningful relationship with the Lover of your soul!

I have created The Love-Dare-L.I.S.T. which will guide you through the challenge.

I have also compiled a few other goodies, including a weekly update which i will share via our facebook group.

Love and Blessings

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