Grand-New Products for a Grand-New Season!

I am so super excited to introduce to you my very newest makes!

As the “nesting instinct” starts to kick in for both my daughter and I, we are discovering the need for sooooooo many needs! It’s crazy how many things one needs to have a baby these days! I cant remember things to be this way for me when I had my babies back in the day [hehehehe]

But it is so and we adjust …

We discovered that burp-cloths is an absolute necessity, and new mothers needs lots of them around. I couldn’t believe they are so expensive though! But we need it because it’s cute, and yes because it most definitely will come in very, very handy!

So here it is, my very first double layered cotton burp towels:




I'm a homemade cardmaker, love handmades, cooking, healthy eating, progress, and the smell of new. Best part of me is being wife to the love of my life and a mom to 3 amazingly, wonderful young adult kids!

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