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The TRUTH about Valentine’s Day

Spending time, making Valentines Day cards, got me thinking a lot about why so many people look for romantic cards almost only. Did you know that Valentine’s Day is not JUST a Romantic Celebration?…

I decided to take a “quick” closer look at the history of this wonderful day that’s filled with so much bliss and happiness for some and yet, pain and loneliness for others, and this is what I found…

Valentine’s Day [to me] is about celebrating the healing power of love!

I invite you to ponder this thought: The world is in so much need of love, and yet within every one of us lies the power to love and to choose love. Love is part our very existence. It’s who God created us to be. Love is not about Valentine’s Day, rather Valentine’s Day is about the celebration and joy of the healing power of love…

Now, consider the meaning of ‘Valentine’:

noun: valentine; plural noun: valentines
  1. a card sent, often anonymously, on St Valentine’s Day, 14 February, to a person one loves or is attracted to.
    • a person to whom one sends a valentine card or with whom one is romantically involved.


So here’s your choice: Don’t be lopsided in your perspective about Valentine’s day, rather, end the pain of missing the joy of celebrating the healing power of love. God’s love is unrestricted and unconditional and when we understand that true love is ONLY in Him, we are able to share His love with those around us.

So now that I have a better perspective it gives me so much joy to make all sorts of Valentines’ Day cards. I prefer leaving the message area of my cards blank so that you are better able to express your personal words of love and affection in the card you buy.

Love heals.


ps. ‘Valentine’ holds reference to card or letter and of course person… 🙂



I'm a homemade cardmaker, love handmades, cooking, healthy eating, progress, and the smell of new. Best part of me is being wife to the love of my life and a mom to 3 amazingly, wonderful young adult kids!

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