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    Maymay made it and so did I!

    Well, before i share a few pictures of what’s inside my mailbox which i blogged about yesterday, i reeeaaally just wanted to show you my very first MAYMAY MADE IT and so did I project! I loved it so much that i neeeeeeeded to make four! The Box Card also known as Nyoka’s Tea Light Card: I must still add the sentiment and greeting to the other four cards, but i wanted to make a Special Sister card for Valentine’s Day 🙂 🙂 I did, however, add a bit of personal touch to it and decided to turn one of the sides into a pocket 🙂   Oh, and i added…

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    Once Upon A Little Mailbox

    I like challenging myself (from time to time) to make a craft item that stretches my abilities, and this time i chose to make a Valentine Mail Box. I wanted to make something other than the normal cards for this Valentines day, and after watching a few videos of others who also made these mailboxes i decided it can’t be that difficult to put together 🙂 Well, ….It’s kind of easy, it just takes a lot of time to add the detail and the goodies to put inside the box. It was a good challenge though, and i simply love how it turned out! In the following days i hope…

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    The TRUTH about Valentine’s Day

    Spending time, making Valentines Day cards, got me thinking a lot about why so many people look for romantic cards almost only. Did you know that Valentine’s Day is not JUST a Romantic Celebration?… I decided to take a “quick” closer look at the history of this wonderful day that’s filled with so much bliss and happiness for some and yet, pain and loneliness for others, and this is what I found… Valentine’s Day [to me] is about celebrating the healing power of love! I invite you to ponder this thought: The world is in so much need of love, and yet within every one of us lies the power…

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