2 THINGS I discovered when using my scrap!

THINGS I discovered when using my scrap. Start the process. I thought I would quickly drop a few lines and get the process going. There are 2 main THINGS I discovered when using my scrap!

Everything is a blur to me at night, so I don’t usually write, craft, blog or anything! BUT, it was my plan to blog some this month starting today the 5th November, even if it’s just a few lines with a picture of my beautiful piece of scrap!

SCRAP is something I never thought I would have! But I do, and I can’t believe how happy it can make me!

So here is what i discovered when i started using my scrap:

*my end product is seldom what i started out making, aaaaand

*scrap begets scrap!!! [scrap really gives birth to more beautiful scrap!]

So I started out with THIS:

BUT ended up making THIS!:

So, actually the scrap I started with really inspired the cute little PROMISE JOURNAL!

Love & Blessings

Creativity begets Creativity! ~Sharon Williams ~


I'm a homemade cardmaker, love handmades, cooking, healthy eating, progress, and the smell of new. Best part of me is being wife to the love of my life and a mom to 3 amazingly, wonderful young adult kids!

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