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When Seasons Change

Seasons CHANGE, and that’s okay

It’s okay when you feel like there are so many things overwhelming your heart. It’s okay when you feel like you just can’t figure it all out, and like it’s just not coming together in the way you thought it would. It’s okay to sometimes get it wrong, and to sometimes get God wrong.

It’s okay when you realize you missed an opportunity to be the better you. It’s okay when relationships change, and people don’t feel the same way about you. It’s okay when you try, but fail, and when you don’t know how to handle fear…

It’s okay when feelings of inadequacy rush in like a flood, and when your heart feels like it’s about to break because life feels so overwhelming. It’s okay to sometimes don’t know whether you are trusting God or not. It’s okay. It’s okay to feel all of this and more…it’s okay because God’s grace IS enough.

It’s enough to COVER ALL OF YOU and more. God’s grace is being poured out in a measure that is way above and beyond anything you feel about yourself. His GRACE is the TRUTH that is continuously working in your life. His grace is fully reliable and will be the victorious outcome of every season!
Be inspired and let His Grace bathe ALL of you IN ALL OF HIM!

Love & Blessings

I'm a homemade cardmaker, love handmades, cooking, healthy eating, progress, and the smell of new. Best part of me is being wife to the love of my life and a mom to 3 amazingly, wonderful young adult kids!

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