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My Personal Growth Plan

What is my Personal Growth Plan

There are 3 important things I have learnt about a personal growth plan

and ONE of those I would like to share in this post:

When I decided to develop my very own personal growth plan, I started out thinking that it’s ALL in the doing. Oh, was I wrong. So the first thing I learnt is that a Personal Growth Plan is NOT about setting goals ONLY… Making that realization has set me on this journey of discovering & developing BLOSSOMING FAITH™

This is day one of 4, introducing just a few thoughts around my Personal Growth Plan 🙂

Blossoming Faith™

Blossoming Faith™ is a Life Challenge to grow as a person in order to Flourish and Thrive!

It is all about God’s Word developing, growing, maturing, bursting forth and coming to fruition in our lives, causing us to then flourish and thrive!

I’m the kind of person who loves the challenge of having it all together! Why live less if you can live more, right?

I want to do the meal plans, AND actually cook those wonderful meals, do the calendar, the organizing. I desire to journal my every day detail in that beautifully decorated travelers notebooks I make, and have my food-journals up to date and I want exercise! Oh, and those wonderful quiet times every single day, run my business and our NPO, successfully; and go on a long date with my wonderful husband, as well as raise my three beautifully-grown-but-still-needs-mommy-attention kids, and did I mention I want to art journal!? Yip, I want to art journal, AND keep my home all organized and clean, every day! BUT……. it just doesn’t work that way! At least not in my world it absolutely doesn’t.

SO! I have a plan! 🙂 🙂

And where do I start?

I have resolved to not do what I usually do. Yes, I want to be progressive! And Yes, I want to plan, and actually implement the plan successfully! But my plan is to partner with God’s plan for WHO I am and Who He is in my life.

A personal growth plan is my plan to become Christ-like. To increase and capacitate me for this wonderful journey of being everything God created me to be!
Does it include me doing ALL of the above? Maybe not, Only time will tell, I suppose😉😏… For right now, the plan is to grow God’s way!      [Read more…]

Love & Blessings

I'm a homemade cardmaker, love handmades, cooking, healthy eating, progress, and the smell of new. Best part of me is being wife to the love of my life and a mom to 3 amazingly, wonderful young adult kids!


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