Baby Brag Box

    This Baby Brag Box was probably one of my most favourite projects! I did not have a specific paper line though. Instead I just combined some of my patterned papers in a fun, flexible way! I kept everything plain and simple and added a few card embellishments that I thought I was going to keep forever 🙂   I had a fun time just putting things together for this little box, including a mini, mini photo book.   Love & Blessings,



    Unlocking a Grand New Season! As seasons change, we keep our focus on the things that matter most to us,…. to God. I think we sometimes forget that family matters to God more than it matters to us! It’s okay to put your family on the top of your “priority list”. God loves family! So much so that He wants ALL of us to be His Family! He adopted us into His family through His Son, Jesus Christ. And for this, we are grateful. Gratitude has the power to transform the atmosphere of our hearts, and it’s the little things in life that makes us feel most ALIVE, BLESSED and GRATEFUL!…

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    I love this concept: To photograph with words. I have been using journals and diaries for such a long time and these have become some of my photographs in words. Most of the time, journaling helps me get better perspective. It has the ability to sweep out the dusty corners of my mind. It helps me straighten out my emotions, ideas, goals, dreams, and my never-ending To-Do’s. Each day holds it’s own memories. When you journal you capture those memories…it’s like a photograph, just with words… selah. More importantly, you capture God’s faithfulness! I journal anything and everything! Something is better than nothing at all. It doesn’t matter how plain it…

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    Thank you so much for visiting. I would like to express my gratitude to you as I really do appreciate you. You whom have taken the time to visit here, the official creative space for ThreeStrand Crafts (Pty)LTD. It’s been a year since I started looking at and have been building my very own website for my business, and oh my! It has been (and still is) a great challenge! Do you know the dial phone? As someone who knew the dial phone really well, you can imagine the many other transitions I have had to make in my life-time thus far. So this little post is a really big…

  • Shadow Box Card


    My Shadow Box Card I am very excited to share with you my very first Shadow Box Card. It was such a pleasure making it, especially since I knew who I was making it for. My Mother in law has recently started chemotherapy and I wanted to make her something special and encouraging. I felt it needed to be something that I never made before. So here is my very first Shadow Box Card: A few beautiful angles of the card:     This was, no doubt one of my favourite makes! I love how everything just came together. Love & Blessings

  • Wooden Heart Shapes


    A Valentines Card Valentine’s Day, is a wonderful opportunity to share tokens of love and affection! I made this card with just a few simple pieces of cardstock that was off-cuts from a previous project. I added a wooden heart, a rhinestone flower and a little die cut key :-). Love the die cuts, it simplifies life!

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    Maymay made it and so did I!

    Well, before i share a few pictures of what’s inside my mailbox which i blogged about yesterday, i reeeaaally just wanted to show you my very first MAYMAY MADE IT and so did I project! I loved it so much that i neeeeeeeded to make four! The Box Card also known as Nyoka’s Tea Light Card: I must still add the sentiment and greeting to the other four cards, but i wanted to make a Special Sister card for Valentine’s Day 🙂 🙂 I did, however, add a bit of personal touch to it and decided to turn one of the sides into a pocket 🙂   Oh, and i added…

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    Once Upon A Little Mailbox

    I like challenging myself (from time to time) to make a craft item that stretches my abilities, and this time i chose to make a Valentine Mail Box. I wanted to make something other than the normal cards for this Valentines day, and after watching a few videos of others who also made these mailboxes i decided it can’t be that difficult to put together 🙂 Well, ….It’s kind of easy, it just takes a lot of time to add the detail and the goodies to put inside the box. It was a good challenge though, and i simply love how it turned out! In the following days i hope…

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    The TRUTH about Valentine’s Day

    Spending time, making Valentines Day cards, got me thinking a lot about why so many people look for romantic cards almost only. Did you know that Valentine’s Day is not JUST a Romantic Celebration?… I decided to take a “quick” closer look at the history of this wonderful day that’s filled with so much bliss and happiness for some and yet, pain and loneliness for others, and this is what I found… Valentine’s Day [to me] is about celebrating the healing power of love! I invite you to ponder this thought: The world is in so much need of love, and yet within every one of us lies the power…

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